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Devastating Personal Loss

Two days ago, I saw a news story in Pensacola on WEAR that made my heart drop. “Human remains found behind house on Coker Lane”.  I only know one person that lives there; what are the odds?  I had reason to believe her family had been evicted. I believed that factor was an up-ending event that had made her hard to get in touch with. It turns out I was wrong.

Her family now is communicating on Facebook that she disappeared in March. My last conversation with her was in mid-February. She had “abandoned” her kids. Now that may have been because it is her body behind her house. Her husband and her had problems. She was a super strong willed woman who was very unique. Her daughter identified her clothes and cell phone found with the remains.

Foul play is suspected and I have to say is virtually absolute. She was a partner in helping to gain information about the corruption in Pensacola. Her family had been harmed by it and she had seen differing aspects of it through friends and family. She had provided key information that I never seemed to use as of yet. She had become a close friend whom I confided in and an entertaining character to know.

Stephanie Loewen Todd, you will be missed. I wish I knew something to do for your family now or that there had been something I could have done for you to prevent this.12239978_433815850151234_3556018374582338225_n

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