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How Did We Get to This?

What the hell is going on? 2020 started as a year that was like any other. Here we are Sept. 11th, 2020. A virus falsely touted as being the annihilation of the world has divided the US. The government mishandling of this faux fatal virus destroyed people and their livelihood. A Democrat funded racial divide has further pushed people apart. Misinformation blaring from every news channel. People enraged by the deceptive media reports. Cognitive dissonance keeps people on the course of the Great Fallacy.

This country has now been segregated by race, political beliefs, perspective of reality. The Factioning of America is what is happening. People being manipulated by the media to believe things that are so crazy that it would be comical if it weren’t so sad.

QAnon was a Twitter handle that people followed from 2017. No surprise; people tend to be drawn to other like minded people. That is the reality of QAnon. People of different sects of conspiracy theorists are lumped into this “cult”. Anyone who believes JFK wasn’t killed by Oswald , anyone who believes Area 51, anyone who thinks the CIA used drugs and mindcontrol are lumped into the category of people who see satan worshippers everywhere. That everyone who follows QAnon, or anyone who believes in the deep state (which is the concept that the money people behind politicians, supporting them, control them), or that sex trafficking are all whack jobs is the most absurd thing I can think of.

I know there are people in NW Florida in power positions who manipulate politicians and either participate or facilitate sex trafficking particularly of children. I have had too many cases to come to me that had some implication of sexual abuse and children.

So to all you FREAKS in masks, hiding from a virus that is just like the flu and who think I’m in a cult, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. NOT ME.

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