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Is this what Family Supposed to Be Like?


So when my brother made that call the Monday after Mother’s Day in 2012 and told me that Joe Aaron was my father, he proceeded to tell me that my Uncle Mike had killed Joe in Pine Valley in 1983. This is when all the pieces fell into place. The man in the truck that Sunday morning attempted to kidnap me. The sneaking around different safe houses in California, the bodyguards. This was Joe.

My uncle had talked about one of his bodyguards killing someone; that was Joe?  My mind started racing and recalling all the weird events of my life and seeing everything through the truth rather than rose colored glasses. Despite my brother telling me about my biological dad and with all the secrets out in the open, he resumed his silence. He dropped this bomb on me and walked away. I had so many questions and everyone is dead. How could he leave me with this information? He is my brother. When I needed him, he was gone. This broke my heart almost as much as finding out my entire life was a staged event with everyone being the wiser but me. I simply could not wrap my mind around this?

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One thought on “Is this what Family Supposed to Be Like?

  1. Sue Bradley on said:

    No sweet girl, this is most certainly not what family is suppose to be like. The unfortunate thing is that some people have no idea how bad the things they do in life can hurt their children. Please remember that no matter how bad they treated you, that you are not repeating this for your babies. Know that the love you are giving will be with them for the rest of their lives and that they will NEVER had to remember the parts of Bad times that you are having to remember. Try to file them in the correct place in your mind and shut the door, (I know that is a lot easier said than done)… Make the memories of your children become the only past you know and that will give you so much happiness! Being able to forget them, is a worst punishment for those that did you wrong, than you remembering all the bad things they did over and over. I LOVE YOU (as your new Mom) and I always will. Sue

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