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Here’s my question. How many Americans

Here’s my question. How many Americans have died under the banner of the Islamic flag? Yet it is widely accepted that the people who killed under misguided people of Muslim faith do not represent the whole. There is no movement to “ban” the Islamic flag anywhere, because that would be a profiling tactic to induce prejudice. Why isn’t the Confederate Flag ( only one of many which have no attachment with slavery while being the exact same representation–go figure) being considered the same? The majority of us don’t see the Confederate flag with any negative connation. I am sorry that some people do and I can’t change that. I also would hope that just because I wave it proudly, that I am not associated with the idiots who abused the meaning much like the terrorists who blew up Americans under the name of Islam and all its representations. This is an apples and apples argument. You cannot say one segment has freedom to express themselves while limiting another. That is the very definition of prejudice. Marlette: Lord, we know not what we salute

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